Sassuolo vs Napoli Betting Tips 21.03.2018


Sassuolo vs Napoli Soccer Prediction Today

Naples took an important victory against Genoa and the league title lives to the highest extent. I’ve been watching the odds of this game and it has actually risen. The reason should be because Sass managed to defeat Udinese. I saw this match and Sass got a very nice self-goal. They played well ok, but I thought Udinese played very bad and that’s why Sass won. I have seen Sass a lot this year and I think they are badly bad and I think they will have big problems here.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Sassuolo vs Napoli

We have also seen that it can run away often against better teams, 0-3 against Lazio, 7-0 against Juventus, 0-3 against Atalanta (3 games played quite recently). Sass will get back Berardi, he has had a bad season and Sass will not keep a lot of ball so it will be difficult for him to perform. Naples may need this landing resignation. Their best players have been a bit weak and Naples’s playstyle is very demanding. Naples is out of all other cups and they will bet all to win the league! The jumper is nice and Ghoulam is approaching comeback, but Mario Rui learns to start this match. Sass is a league’s weakest home team, 2-5-7. Naples has 12-2-0 on the go-ahead. There should be a difference in class here and I think Naples will win this match with clear numbers. Should we say 0-4?

Prediction Today: Sassuolo

Odds: 2.00


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